Technical data

The technical data published in specific product data sheets is based upon ideal installation and load conditions. 

Ideal installation conditions are defined as:

  • The gearbox axes are horizontal.
  • The gearbox housing is attached on the output side.
  • The driving device (i.e. motor) is assembled with an adapter flange and motor pinion attached to the gearbox.
  • The coupling at the output shaft will not generate forces, loads, or torques in excess of the values defined on the data sheets.
  • The environmental conditions are within the limits defined on the data sheets.

Ideal load conditions are defined as continuous, steady (uniform motion) and without impact.

It is understood that gearbox selections for any application are to be in accordance with the ratings defined on the specification sheets. Under the ideal installation conditions defined above, the service life is 10,000 hours (worm gearboxes 5'000 hours).

The technical data provided in the product data sheets is for general guideline purposes. It is understood that many applications are unique and can have varying load conditions. Therefore, each application needs to be evaluated individually. Tests may be required to determine load parameters under varying conditions.

We can also design products to perform under non-ideal load conditions. Often such design goals can be achieved with appropriate modifications to a standard product design. Parameters such as ambient temperature ranges, torque loads, dimensional constraints, etc. can often be accommodated with customized designs.